Since 1992 FLUX Bindings produces high-quality and high-performance bindings for any terrain as an independent snowboard binding manufacturer. If you value quality, comfort, good fit, performance, durability and style, FLUX Bindings is the right choice for you.

In 1992, there were only a handful of brands that distributed snowboard bindings. That year Flux launched its first snowboard binding and so began the journey of developing innovative snowboard bindings around the world. In the 2007/2008 season Flux already celebrated its 25th birthday. For this occasion Flux implemented new ideas and technologies and released not only new bindings but also the perfect matching snowboard boots.

Since then, Flux creates snowboard bindings and boots for every foot and every riding style. As one of the few independent brands in the snowboard boot and binding market, Flux prioritizes the highest quality and highest performing bindings to keep you safe on every ride.

More information about the current range can also be found on www.flux-europe.com