Originally from Sweden, the Zegul brand is known for high-quality composite and HDPE kayaks aimed primarily at advanced paddlers. Known for the expedition kayaks of the Greenland series, Zegul also manufactures race, touring and recreational kayaks, which are based on the same know-how and the most innovative high-tech materials. An extensive paddle collection completes the product range.

Zegul was founded in Sweden in 2008 by kayakers Alexander Nyberg and Johan Wirsen. They believed it was possible to create a sea kayak with high performance, excellent tracking and superior stability in one design. After extensive testing and improvements, they hit the mark with the now classic Zegul 550. It became one of the fastest and most trackable sea kayaks in Europe. The innovative hull design featured a unique bent frame that made the boat very stable and helped establish Zegul as a premium kayak brand. Today, Zegul kayaks are sold in over 30 countries worldwide and continue to fascinate paddling enthusiasts. To this day, Zegul products are handmade in Estonia, reflecting the attention to detail in every kayak produced.

The Zegul 2023 lineup consists of a comprehensive range of 35 kayaks, ranging from recreational models to racing kayaks and true expedition kayaks. All Zegul kayaks are equipped with high-quality SmartTrack footrests and rowing systems. The leisure range is now even bigger, from the small FIT 96 and Dreki LV to the very stable and durable Ormen HV and the light & fast Dreki MV. In addition to the familiar designs, new colours are also on offer in 2023. 

The Touring and Play series offers a variety of models with different hull shapes, hull volumes and hull superstructures. The Speciality and Expedition kayak models appeal especially to those paddlers who are looking for unique and high-quality kayaks for exploring the remotest corners of the world.

In addition, ZEGUL offers the new Z-Line range which consists of rotomolded & Composite kayaks that are manufactured in Estonia. The wide range of sit-on top and sit-in kayaks for different demands, abilities and conditions appeals especially to water sports stations and recreational paddlers. The Z-Line is rounded off by the Yuma canoe model.

More information about the current range can be found on www.zegul-europe.com