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• T-700 carbon prepreg construction, with an Airex + Prepreg sandwich core for maximum stiffness, performance, and durability over time. No aluminum.
• Made to last, made in France.
• Mast Height 85 cm : Ideal mast size for fun flying “freeride” performance, rapid progression in choppy conditions (no touch downs), easy to transport to and from the water’s edge.
• Wing profile : Accessible, fast and stable in flight. An easy and progressive take-off ensures rapid progression. • Front mast support ensures a solid connection between the board and foil, at the right angle.
• Mast can be disassembled from the fuselage for easy transport.
• High grade, marine quality stainless steel screws for ease of use.
• Delivered in a transport bag.
• Wings can be upgraded for maximum performance with the same mast + fuselage base.

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BIC Techno Pro Wind Foil 130 (2020)

2.399,00 EURO

2.399,00 EURO

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