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Designed as a dedicated and complete all-around wave board capable of performing in a wide range of conditions. The feedback from the market and riders has been excellent! Easy and forgiving on the wave with proper carving ability and grip whilst still having the speed for aerial manoeuvres and sky high jumps.


Epoxy Gel Coat finish – For the extra rugged needs of the modern wave arena. Tough outside shell resistant to scratches and abuse from rocks or rough launch sites.

•  Hull Design – A light vee / double concave bottom in the nose fading into a double concave inside a deep single concave transitioning into a progressive vee release towards the tail. The best combination for an easy and consistent ride in a variety of wave sailing situations. Sufficient thickness on the back foot to assist planing and staying upwind.

• Outline – Clean curves with a sweet balance between the nose and tail for consistency on the wave face and for solid landing characteristics from jumps.

• Progressive and relatively fast scoop-rocker line curve for quick planing and acceleration without sacrificing maneuverability and grip.

• Construction –  Built with the very highly regarded Kinetic ‘strong wave layup’ gives the Diablo series the best compromise in terms of light weight, strength and durability. 3mm deck / 5mm bottom full wrap pvc premium sandwich construction with double pvc sandwich in the most stressed areas for excellent compression durability.

• Dual density footpads with a 4mm top layer with a normal pad hardness coupled with a softer 8mm pad underneath for comfortable shock absorption.

• Fin boxes5 x 13cm slot fin box configuration that allows sailing with Quad, Thruster or even Twin fin set ups to adapt and satisfy different weight and ability riders in any kind of condition and wave style.

* Diablo 86/94 delivered with the FMX Quad Fin set, by Zulu, designed by Andrea Rosati.


The Diablo 76/86/94 collection are the ideal all condition wave boards for those who want to have a one board fits all concept. From the North Sea to Maui, the Diablo is the choice for you!


96 FSW
Technology Dynamic Wave Dynamic Wave Dynamic Wave Dynamic Wave
Length 223 cm 228 cm 228 cm 225 cm
Width 56 cm 58 cm 59.5 cm 61 cm
Volume 76 L 86 L 94 L 96 L
Bottom Shape DC/SC Vee DC/SC Vee DC/SC Vee DC Vee
Footstrap Rows 2 2 2 2
Fin FMX Quad Set FMX Quad Set FMX Quad Set FMX Thruster Set
Finbox Slot 13 x 5 boxes Slot 13 x 5 boxes Slot 13 x 5 boxes US 8” back – Slot 13 side
Fin Range 15cm back – 9cm side 15cm back – 9cm side 16cm back – 9cm side 21cm back – 11cm side
Sail Range 3.3 – 4.7 m2 4.0 – 5.5 m2 4.2 – 5.8 m2 4.5 – 6.2 m2
Weight 6.2 kg 6.5 kg 6.7 kg 6.9 kg


• Weight tolerance is +/- 6%
• Hull weight does not include adjustable cutout plates
• Hull weight includes 12 extra single footstrap plugs (8 for straps, 4 for cutouts). This adds 100g so keep this in mind when comparing weights.

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76, 86, 94, 96



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