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Completely re-designed hull that cuts through the wind more efficiently, with lower drag coefficients versus previous models.

Overall performance has been improved through the new tail design, new cutouts design, new outline and once again utilising the vertical rails concept to balance the board through the air.

Excellent top speed and acceleration, be the fastest foiler on the water.


•  Toro Tail II  –  Innovative new tail design.

–  Reduces drag over the deck by significantly shortening the relative length of the board for the air flow, whilst still maintaining a stable gybing area for the feet.
–  Benefits all-aspect acceleration with an increased top speed ceiling and ‘slippery release’ off the tail.
–  Overall hull and tail ‘dead weight’ savings from a reduction in size of the foil box (heaviest part of the build).
  A windsurfing industry first. Taking it to the next level!

•  Durepox Xtreme ® – America’s Cup grade ultra high-tech bottom paint finish currently used by Team NZ!
–  Proven faster release for that extra ‘slip’ = higher speeds.
–  Harder and more durable than normal paint finishes.
  A windsurfing industry first. Taking it to the next level!
  Read about it here:

Ultra compact length and reduced nose/tail width for reduced power for higher crosswind top speeds combined with a very solid feeling of stability under the feet to gain those extra meters of advantage at full tilt. Excellent glide and acceleration in the air.

•  New mast track concave designs resulting in increased air flow efficiency across the deck at high speeds.

T-Beam style coned deck shape/vertical rails – Increases light wind power, drive, general stability at low speeds and also nose trim stability at high foiling speeds.

•  Revised slalom foil scoop-rocker line for easier handling, explosive acceleration and top-speed in both flat water and choppy foiling conditions. A proven curve that generates enough lift whilst still releasing drag, a key performance component of modern foil racing.

•  ‘V5 Vector Cuts’  – New straight line cutout design that facilitates clean and effortless water and air flow release exiting the tail for ultra fast planing onto the foil, reduction of overall drag resulting in effortless top end speed and also a quick release when touching down.

FOIL Tuttle Strong Box – Double the carbon content, double the wall strength and stiffness, double the width compared to a normal tuttle box, and built with a 100% high-density PVC sandwich body. The result – foils stay tight and the box holds the direct feeling performance even after prolonged use.


Dedicated slalom foil racing machine that is technically fine-tuned and ready to excel for those who want to win.


Technology Pro Elite
Pro Elite
Pro Elite
Pro Elite
Length 209 cm 211 cm 214 cm 217 cm
Width 78 cm 85 cm 91 cm 100 cm
Volume 158 L 138 L 178 L 214 L
Bottom Shape DC Reverse Vee DC Reverse Vee DC Reverse Vee DC Reverse Vee
Footstrap Rows 2 2 2 2
Fin Not supplied Not supplied Not supplied Not supplied
Finbox Foil Deep Tuttle Foil Deep Tuttle Foil Deep Tuttle Foil Deep Tuttle
Fin Range All Foil Settings All Foil Settings All Foil Settings All Foil Settings
Sail Range 4.0 – 7.5 m2 5.5 – 9 m2 6.0 – 10 m2 7.8 – 11 m2
Weight 7.6 kg 8.2 kg 8.9 kg 9.6 kg



• Weight tolerance is +/- 6%
• Hull weight does not include adjustable cutout plates
• Hull weight includes 12 extra single footstrap plugs (8 for straps, 4 for cutouts). This adds 100g so keep this in mind when comparing weights.

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