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The future is now – O’pen SKIFF design
The O’pen Skiff hull was designed primarily for excellent glide, and for making sailing simple. The cockpit area is mostly empty to leave the skipper as free as possible to lean back/out against the wind with their feet safely in the foot straps. The open-stern cockpit quickly and instantly clears water while sailing or after a capsize. The rig comprises a 4.5 m2 battened monofilm sail with a mast sleeve, similar to a windsurf sail, mounted on an epoxy resin mast and aluminium boom.


  • Length: 2.75m
  • Width: 1.14m
  • Weight: 45kgs (hull only)
  • Hull technology: Thermoformed polyethylene
  • Ideal sailor weight: 30 to 65kgs
  • Max. user weight: 90kgs
  • Daggerboard: Composite Epoxy Rudder
  • Blade: Composite Epoxy

O’pen SCIFF Monofilm 4.5qm Rig

  • Sail: 4.5m2 ; K film polyeste, 4 battens/adjustable tension
  • Mast: 3.90m / 2 parts / 2 kg fiberglass epoxy – IMCS 16
  • Boom: 2.00m – aluminium