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SUPPORT STRINGER TECHNOLOGY (SST) The TAO Series boards are constructed from a single skin Drop Stitch material (DSC) that is lightweight and extremely durable. They also utilize Support Stringer Technology (SST), which is an HDPE stringer, heat fused onto PVC to stiffen the board and lock in the rocker profile.

Key Features:

  • Support Stringer Technology (SST)
  • Neoprene center carry handle
  • Air7 polycarbonate fin boxes
  • 5 Fin setup / 8.0” Mahi fin (nylon)plus 4 side fins (nylon)
  • Honeycomb textured EVA deck pad
  • Dual chamber, high-volume pump
  • Wheelie backpack carry bag
  • Heavy-duty Tow D-ring (located in the nose on the bottom)
  • Camera mount on nose
  • Repair kit with spare fin screw + plate

Length: 17.0″ | 518.2cm Width: 59.0″ | 150.0cm Thickness: 8.00” | 20.3cm Weight: 71.0lbs |32.2kg (+/- 10%) Volume: 1200.0 Liter

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