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FEATURES:– In-flow panel design- ExoTex® Dacron front tube & center strut- TRIPLE DURA-FORCE RIPSTOP Cloth- Handle loops- Windowless design for maximum performance- 2x RUSH-AIR inflation/deflation valves- Wrist leash- Backpack- repair kitRush Air Valves: The large diameter inflation valves allow maximum airflow with very low resistance. Combined with the high quality double stroke pump, it only takes a few minutes to inflate the wing. The pump hose is connected directly to the valve. It has an automatic airflow reflex diaphragm that prevents any loss of pressure when the pump is removed. When draining, simply unscrew the entire valve and the Wing is drained in an instant.The front tube and center strut are inflated by two independent valves. This allows the air pressure in each tube to be varied to adjust the Wing according to conditions. In lighter winds, a slightly lower pressure in the front tube (6-7 psi) can help pump up the Wing.When the Wing is inflated to 8 psi, this results in better control and stability in high winds. The center strut should always be inflated to 8 psi to provide enough tension and stiffness to the wing.

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