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KEY FEATURES-SUPERFLY X (SFX) CONSTRUCTION:For lightweight, durability and performance-DUAL-PURPOSE SHAPE:For surf and wing foiling-CONTOURED DECK SIDE TO SIDE AND FRONT TO REAR:Allows you to lock your knees during a water-start and provides a lower center of gravity for stability-GRADUAL SLOPED UPWARD DECK TOWARDS TAIL – NO KICK PAD NEEDED:No kick pad is needed as the slope provides a control for the rear foot-AN UNOBSTRUCTED REAR DECK:Keeps knees comfortable while paddling back out to the lineup for surf foiling-MINIMAL THICKNESS AND EVEN FOAM DISTRIBITION:Gives more direct connection and control as you stand closer to the foilProvides a natural stance for good body positioning and pumping-BOTTOM CHINE:For smooth lift-off and better glide-MORE NOSE LIFT AND NO TAIL ROCKER BEFORE & AFTER FOIL TRACK:For landing jumps-FOIL POSITION IS SLIGHTLY MORE FORWARD:Ease in take off in lighter windsDETAILS:

  • Length: 4’11” / 149.8 cm
  • Width: 22.0” / 55.8 cm
  • Thickness:4.4” / 11.1 cm
  • Volume: 60 L

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