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Key Features:

– TST -Twin Sheet Manufacture Technology = increased strength, excellent finish quality, increased UV resistance

– 100% Made in France

– Comprehensive Outfitting: Bow, Stern and keel protectors, integral carry handles

– Tri-Hull Design for great stability, glide and performance

– Foam seat pads = improved paddle comfort

– Removable rear trolley wheels = easier transportation on land

– Life lines = easy to climb back on board

– Elasticated straps = simple, secure storage for bags and water bottles

– Storage net = stores your essential equipment within easy reach

– Stable THD (similar to a trimaran ) hull design, specially shaped for optimum hydro-dynamics

– Adjustable foot rests to suit all sizes of paddler and paddle positions

– the backrests that are shown on the product picture are not included with the kayak

Ideal for:

Single or two-person use + 1 child up to 550lb /250kg

Also suitable for fishing, 1 person + gear, where additional capacity/space is needed. Ease of transport with wheel transport system.

Paddlers looking for exceptional glide, superior quality features and fittings, and easy paddling in a wide variety of water conditions.


High-performance kayak that benefits from the latest Tahe Kayak innovations (integral roller, adjustable foot rests…).

Perfect for more adventurous and extended outings.

Measurements: 13’5″ x 33.1″ | 4.10 x 0.84m

Weight: 75lbs | 34kg

Crew: 2 adults + 1 child / 550lbs | 250kg

Product Features



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