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Glass FlexGlass Flex was manufactured to mimic the flex properties of laminated fiber glass. The advantages over other materials are increased stiffness and better flex properties (good flex at the tip, little flex at the base). The precision of the molding process ensures the highest accuracy in the production of each fin.Inside Foil Technology (IFT)

The FCS Surf fins are manufactured with the IFT technology. Using FCS Inside Foil technology, a filigree hydrodynamic profiling is applied to the inside of the fin. The rounded edges and curved profile increase the unobstructed flow of water over the surface of the fin. This increases buoyancy and reduces water resistance, which in turn optimizes performance over a wider range of use. The board has a better grip and higher speed.

The FCS range fits perfectly with the TAHE surf boards: With the FCS fins, the performance of the TAHE Surf Boards can be adjusted as desired: depending on personal surf style, weight and waves.

Length: 4.56″ / 11.6 cm

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