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Durability:The 245 is made from tough polyethylene, giving it high resistance.Safety first, second and third:A “double-hull” design is an important safety feature of the Sportyak.Super stability:Its “catamaran” hull design gives it a high stability.Light weight:The 245 is light weight compared to similar tenders.Easy to get on and off the water:The 245 features an integrated wheel transport system.- Measurements: 8’0.5″ x 3’11.2″ | 2.45 x 1.20m- Weight: 39kg | 86lbs- Capacity: 3 persons- Outboard engine: 3 CV (USA: 2 CV)- Included with the dinghy: 2 oars, 2 rowlocks, 3 rowlock brackets, 1 rope, 1 seat, wheel system

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