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Key Features

  • High Pressure Inflatable technology
  • Woven Drop-Stitch PVC Double Layer
  • Fusion Block Connection -> direct connection from the foot of the rider to the foil
  • 90mm standard double track -> maximum compatibility with all the foils on the market
  • 25cm box system -> wide trim range for different foils and riders
  • carrying handle -> easy carrying and launching with reduced risk for injuries or damage of the wing
  • Kick Pad -> helps to launch in foil mode
  • Release Edge Rail -> easier planing and foiling
  • soft and grippy Diamond Skin Deckpad -> for perfect comfort and control
  • footstraps -> to allow more active pumping and air time moves

  • easy entry into the sport of wing foiling
  • versatile board for a wide range of riders and conditions
  • easy and early kick off into foil mode
  • small package -> easy transport and storage
  • light & durable
  • super fast inflation and deflation -> takes less than 3 minutes
  • The same pump can be used for board and wing
  • 90mm standard double track -> maximum compatibility with all the foils on the market


– Length: 5’7
– Width: 27.5″
– Thickness: 6”
– Volume: 125 L (TBC)
– Weight: 7.3 kg (incl. straps)
– Rider weight: Beginner: max. 85 kg, Advanced: max. 100 kg

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