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SIC Maui

SIC Maui is marketed as a SUP & Surf quality brand primarily for advanced and professional surfers, but also offers a wide range of inflatable, touring and all-round boards for image-conscious beginners and intermediates. The multi-award-winning race and flatwater board RS is well known, and this year the new race and downwind board Atlantis has become a prominent addition to the range. In addition, SIC started the new season with an extensive foil board, foil and wing collection and now offers the right equipment for (almost) every water sports enthusiast.

SIC was founded by shaper/waterman Mark Raaphorst. Originally from the Netherlands, he moved away from home at the age of 16 to fulfill his windsurfing dream, which led him, like so many windsurfers, to the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii. It was here that he fulfilled his dream of becoming a true waterman, earning a living doing board repairs and learning the craft of shaping from the ground up. Soon after, Raaphorst founded Ding King Fiberglass Works, a repair shop. Repairing boards gave him a unique insight into surfboard construction, quality and materials. It wasn’t long before Raaphorst was shaping his first boards and building outrigger canoes.

In the pioneering days of stand-up paddling, many legendary water sports enthusiasts came to Mark and asked him to shape a board that could be used to paddle into waves and down the coast. Mark took their suggestions and began shaping some of the earliest SUP boards that helped the sport break through and propelled the early days of SUP innovation.

In 2006, Raaphorst founded his brand “Sandwich Islands Composites”. The Sandwich Islands is the name that Captain James Cook, British explorer, navigator and cartographer, gave to the Hawaiian islands in honor of Lord Sandwich, who had sponsored the voyages. In 2011, the acronym and logo “SIC” was created, by which the brand is known today. Over the years, SIC has steadily evolved to dominate the open ocean paddling scene like no other. Most of the prestigious channel-crossing events worldwide were won with SIC boards, and so the legend was born. Also in Germany, with the SIC Maui Germany Team, there is a group of SUP enthusiasts who have been loyal to the brand for years and celebrate successes on SIC boards.

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