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Endless Play Time


With the launch of the new collection for 2021, BIC Sport became “TAHE”. This new water sports brand is based on the fusion of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors and combines both tradition and innovation. Following the new slogan “Endless Play Time”, TAHE aims to make time on and in the water unforgettable for everyone, while making it as easy as possible. TAHE’s mission is to provide exceptionally user-friendly water sports products. These are both reliable and innovative, and most of them are manufactured in France in a sustainable and resource-friendly way.

The TAHE brand stands for a friendly image, innovative new products and exciting projects in the future. Nevertheless, much of what is known from BIC Sport remains. A large part of the products will continue to be manufactured in France and the product categories will be continued. Products such as the Techno windsurf boards, the Trinidad, Borneo and Bilbao kayak models, the Cross and Performer SUP ranges and the proven ACE-TEC and TOUGH-TEC technologies, are all integrated into the new TAHE brand. Together they provide continuity combined with new products and technologies. The production facilities also remain the same: TAHE/ex-BIC Sport produces at its site in Vannes, France. The original Tahe Outdoors brand continues to primarily produce kayak products at its factory in Tallinn, Estonia.

The new 2023 TAHE collection brings a series of further improvements and newcomers, still under the banner of “Endless Play Time” on the water with family and friends of every skill level. Wing products are now a category in themselves, and each category sees new products added to it: a brandnew SUP board with the extra support of an electric motor, the launch of Tough-TEC and new Soft surfboards, a ready-to-fly Wing range, boards & hydrofoils and much more. More information about TAHE can be found on www.tahesport.com