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SIC’s Vortex construction, which is a fiberglass-wrapped EVA core and wooden I-Beam stringer making it unlike other soft boards today. This construction creates a fun, lively, high-performance feel. Its FCS Fusion compatible fin boxes are glassed-in and PVC reinforced to give you maximum lateral stability and drive through the turns. The foam-backed HDPE skin makes the Darkhorse durable and offers more protection when you get tossed in the shore break.

Key Features:

  • VortexTM construction: Foam and Glass Hybrid Soft Top/Bottom
  • Molded EPS core
  • HDPE with Vectra Ply reinforced skin with IXPE (Irradiated cross linked polyethylene) foam backing for durability and protection
  • PVC reinforced FCS Fusion compatible fin boxes, 7’4”,8’4 ”-tri fin set up / 5’8”, 6’8” 5 fin setup
  • FCS Fusion compatible fin boxes
  • Nylon fin set
  • High-density EVA wrapped rails
  • Leash plug
  • including 3x FCS Fusion 4.5″ Nylon

Length: 8’4” | 254cm Width: 23.0” | 58.4cm Thickness: 3.7″ | 9.4cm Volume: 85.0l Weight: 13.2lbs | 6.0kg (+/- 10%)

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