399,00 EURO



Key Features

– In-flow panel design
– ExoTex® Dacron leading-edge and control strut
– Web control handle loops
– Trailing edge battens to stabilize leach
– Windowless design for max. performance
– 2x RUSH-AIR inflation/deflation valves
– Wrist leash
– Carry backpack
– Repair kit

Rush-Air Valves

The large diameter inflation valves allow a maximized airflow with very little resistance. In combination with the high-quality, dual-action pump, filling your wing takes a matter of only minutes. The pump hose connects directly to the valve. No, nozzles are needed. It has an automatic airflow reflex membrane eliminating any loss in air pressure when detaching the pump. The valve cap is easy and secure, also helping to maintain the air pressure. When delating, simply unscrew the whole valve, and the wings will deflate in an instant.

Two valves have their advantages: The leading edge and control strut are inflated by two independent valves. This allows you to vary the inflation pressure in each bladder to fine tune the wing according to the conditions. In lighter winds, a little less pressure in the LE (6-7 psi) can help with wing pumping efficiency. When inflated 8 psi, you will have better high-wind control and wing stability. The control strut should always be pumped to 8 psi to tension the canopy sufficiently to have a rigid boom.


Product Features

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