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Tahe is the only windsurf manufacturer who’s production facility is in Europe, and the only manufacturer to have mastered the technological art of thermo-forming in aluminium moulds, guaranteeing 100% faithful reproduction of the original prototype shapes approved by the shaper and riders. Two construction techniques are used, with the optimum mix of materials for each different type of performance required.

Key Features:

  •  Fast, versatile boards: perfect for freeride and simply having fun.
  •  Wide shapes with noticeable rocker and thin rails: fast up to planing
  •  Rounded front rails: easy jibing and ride comfort.
  •  ACE-TEC construction: tough, resistant, light weight
  • High quality Select fin: assures top performance

– Length: 255 cm

– Width: 82 cm

– Volume: 160 l

– Weight: 11 kg

– Technology: ACE-TEC

– Fin: WA 30 cm Deep Tuttle

– Daggerboard: 60cm

– Footstraps: Ergoform x 4 positions : 2 + 1 centre rear on 3 position inserts

– Footpads: 4 pieces, 5 mm thickness

Product Features



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