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The Techno 293 OD is the heart of Windsurfing

Techno 293 OD can be used:

  • To start windsurfing.
  • To race in One Design at all levels (local to international).
  • To race in Youth Olympic Games.

High Quality / Price ratio of the Board

  • Made in France in a unique thermoformed technology which ensure: 
  • Stability of the production weight and shape = strictly One Design. 
  • Very high durability (much more durable than any other technology). 
  • Light weight (much lighter than any other ASA technology). 
  • Affordable pricing of the board. 
  • Affordable pricing of the spare parts.

High Quality of the Shape

  • Three concaves, round rails = fast, fun, easy to ride in all conditions. 
  • High volume (205 litres) = stability, lightwind ability.
  • Large width at one foot of = planing ability.
  • Long length (293 cm) = speed in lightwind conditions, upwind performance.

– Length: 293 cm

– Width: 79 cm

– Volume: 205 Liter

– Weight: 12,5 kg

– Shape: ACE-TEC

– Fin: Select Ride 46cm (Deep Tuttle)

– Schwert: 60 cm

– Included: 6x Ergoform foot straps, 5x Footpads 5 mm

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