1.249,00 EURO


A fully convertible board to go light wind foiling, strong wind freeriding and windsurfing, or even teaching the kids to windsurf. One Board, three uses!


ACE-TEC construction, utilizes a polymer outer skin for impact resistance which is then thermo-formed over fiberglass and a closed cell EPS core for high durability and impact resistance. This unique technology suits the needs of experienced riders and newbies alike with a unique combination of light weight, durability and performance at a great price.

Key Features:

– Fast, versatile boards: perfect for freeride and simply having fun.
– Wide shapes with noticeable rocker and thin rails: fast up to planing.
– Rounded front rails: easy jibing and ride comfort.
– ACE-TEC construction: tough, resistant, light weight.
– High quality Select fin: assures top performance.

Length: 255cm
Width: 82cm
Volume: 160L
Finnbox: DTT
Fin: Tahe Beach 30 cm weight: 11 kg

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