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Key Features: – TST -Twin Sheet Manufacture Technology = increased strength, excellent finish quality, increased UV resistance- Comprehensive Outfitting: Bow, Stern and keel protectors, integral carry handles- Replaceable keel and stern protectors for increased life-span- Tri-Hull Design for great stability, glide and performance- Foam seat pads = improved paddle comfort- Rubber-coated front and rear carry handles = easy carrying on land- Protective rear bumper = protection from knocks and easy launching- Life lines = easy to climb back on board- Elasticated straps = simple, secure storage for bags and water bottles- Storage net = stores your essential equipment within easy reachAll the integral production fittings of TAHE kayaks are top quality to guarantee durability and paddle comfort.- For who?Complete beginners and intermediate level occasional paddlers. Also recommended for groups (clubs, schools, families).- Summary: Simple, stable kayaks at an affordable price, for flat water paddling. Measurements: 11’9″ x 33.1″ | 3.59 x 0.84mWeight: 63lbs | 28.5kgCrew: 2 adults + 1 child* / 400lbs | 180kg (* max. weight: 25 kg)

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